Adult Books

The Creator series

A writer trapped in the dangerous world of his novels falls in love with his main character…who is supposed to die at the end of the book. Can he change the story from inside it?

If you like sexy and exciting adventure fantasy, you’ll love The Creator series!

Episode 1: The Useless

“I think I’m dead. Only I’m not a ghost. And I’m pretty fucking sure this isn’t heaven.”

Episode 2: The Ghostwriter

“I catch her mouth with mine. She stiffens, then relaxes, melting into me, lips parting.”

Episode 3: The Influencer

“I wanted him to hit me. Give him a chance to do what so many only fantasize about during the lowest point of their lives. Punch God right in the face.”

Episode 4: The Warden

“I killed someone. Holy shit. I killed someone.”

Box Set #1

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